If you’re thinking about taking up stamp collecting as a hobby but not sure where to start then here are some things to think about that will help you choose what type of stamp collecting you might like to do:

Mint Or Used Stamps – some collectors choose both, others select one or the other. Mint stamps have never been used and used stamps have obviously been sent in the post previously and will have a cancelled mark on them. Mint stamps are likely to cost more but there may be more historical interest in the used stamps. It really is down to personal preference.

GB Or Overseas – some collectors will only collect stamps that have originated in the UK, others will look for overseas stamps. And of course, you have collectors that do both. Deciding on a country to collect depends a lot upon your interests. If you have personal ties to particular countries or you have relatives or ancestors from particular locations then you may be interested in building a collection from
those places. You may be interested in the history of a particular country so that may sway you. The choice is yours!

Stamp Collection

Topics – some collectors have specific interests in particular topics such as wildlife, sports, automobiles, films etc. It’s easy to seek out specific topics and build comprehensive collections that can display your interest

Covers – this is when the stamp is attached to an envelope and you collect the envelope as well. There are often interesting markings on envelopes which can add historical interest and give the stamp more value.

Stamp Tools / Albums – if you embark on a collection you will want the right tools to do the job and a way to display them. Typical tools you might need are stamp tongs to pick up stamps with. This saves using your fingers and marking the stamps with grease. Buying a stamp album will give you a neat and organised way of displaying your stamps.

Stamp collecting continues to be one of Britain’s favourite hobbies and there are enthusiasts all over the country who have built some amazing collections over the years. The buying, selling and trading of stamps is all part of the fun and at Tony Lester Auctions we get to see some fantastic collections pass through our doors.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our auctions to see for yourself then please get in touch to see when the next one is coming up. We look forward to seeing you there!