There is no doubt that stamp collecting is a very immersive hobby and the sheer diversity of the stamps that you can collect is truly remarkable. As a general rule, when collections are brought to us to value they tend to fall into the following categories – general, countries and themes:


General – this just about covers everything. There will be no particular pattern to these types of collections and they will generally be a mix of subjects, countries, themes etc.

Countries – we tend to see many collections that are based on countries and they’ve been painstakingly put together by their collectors. We either see collections where the focus has been on one country and the stamps date back over a number of years or we see country collections from all over the world or from a particular continent or region – the Caribbean or Africa for example.

Themes – This is a very popular way of collecting stamps and the number of themes are numerous. Popular themes include animals, birds, flowers, war, monuments, railways and so forth. We have seen hundreds of themed collections come through our doors, many of which have been lovingly put together.

Another popular area of stamp collecting is basing your collection purely on Mint stamps. In other words, stamps that have never been used and remain in a pristine order. Quite a lot of the collections we see are based on Mint stamps and you can see the care that has been taken in amassing the collection.

If you have inherited a stamp collection from a relative and you’ve always wondered what they might be worth, then please get in touch. We carry out valuations on a regular basis and help many of our clients sell their collections on in our highly popular auctions. Contact us now if you need our advice.