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This stamp is part of the British Polar Explorers commemorative pack, which was released on February 16 1972. Designed by Marjorie Saynor, the collection has three other stamps featuring Sir James Clark Ross, Henry Hudson and Capt. Robert F. Scott. Sir Martin Frobisher was an English seaman and privateer from Altofts, Yorkshire who made three voyages to the New World looking for the North-west Passage, and was later knighted for his service in repelling the Spanish Armada in 1588.

The Ancient Britain stamp collection was issued on 17 January 2017 and features the Star Carr Headdress, from the Mesolithic era.

It was found in Star Carr, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England and was exhibited at The British Museum, London.

Royal Mail started its 2017 Stamp Programme with a subject that has not previously been featured as a stand-alone topic: how people lived in prehistoric times has always been a fascination for many and the Ancient Britain stamp issue explores this subject in some detail.

The stamps show famous iconic sites and some of the most exceptional artefacts found across the UK, and overlays illustrations to show how people lived, worked and used the objects. It also explores the social and technological evolution of these early Britons.

Excavations over the last 70 years revealed three brushwood and timber platforms along the edge of what was once Lake Flixton, as well as evidence of houses on drier ground away from the shore. Among the rich collection of worked stone, flint, bone, antler and wood were more than 30 frontlets of red deer. All had been extensively worked, with the antlers trimmed, and some had holes cut through the skull. These strange items were probably masks or some kind of headdresses. They may have been used as a disguise in hunting or during ritual performances in which people took the place of an animal. It is likely that the original skin formed part of the attire, which may have been worn by shamans when communicating with animal spirits.