Seasonally-themed stamps have always been popular with collectors. Stamps depicting images from the four seasons and of course, Christmas-themed stamps are a regular sight every year. In fact, the first British Post Office Christmas stamp issue was in 1966 and there have been Christmas stamp issues every year since.

In spring there are often issues of Easter-related stamps depicting images one would associate with spring such as daffodils, lambs etc and summer, autumn and winter are also often represented on stamp issues. Seasonal British stamps have become very popular with collectors and the Royal Mail, being aware of their popularity, will often create specially designed sets aimed at collectors. These well presented packages are bought by stamp enthusiasts for collection only to add to their coveted collections.

An increasingly popular way of purchasing seasonally-themed stamp issues is as whole blocks and sometimes even whole sheets of the same stamp. Whole blocks or sheets of stamps can often appreciate in value and will be worth significantly more than the face value of the stamps they contain in the long run.

The popularity of seasonally-themed stamps means that they are often included in special issues such as first day covers or commemorative sheets. Some of the early seasonally-themed issues of stamps are well sought-after by collectors and because they were produced in fairly large numbers they turn up quite often in collections which are for sale or at auctions. For this reason, it may take time before these stamps to attain any degree of rarity and become more valuable. However, most collectors collect seasonal British stamps because they are attractive to look at and for the general love of collecting. The money doesn’t really come into it!

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