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KGVI M collection in green SG Crown album comprehensive with most spaces filled with defin sets Postage Dues SW sets etc. noted strength in Indian States (STC approx. £15 500) Malayan States New Zealand Postal Fiscal vals to 25/- 30/- 22/- on 22/- (2) £2 £2-10/- (2) and £4 etc. Some mixed condition but the majority good to fine. STC over £70 000. (many 100's)


General world M and U collection in 16 Devon albums in 3 cartons. (1 000's)


M and U ranges in stockbook main interest in Spain and Netherlands. (100's)


Mainly used in 2 large stockbooks from early issues onwards comprising Belgium Saar and some Turkey. (many 100's)


BALTIC STATES. Collection of Estonia Latvia and Lithuania M and U issues to c.1940. (100's)


A collection in carton c.2000-2015 main value in Year Books and Year Packs which are cat. approx. £2 170 + some others. (qty)


M or UM collection to 1979 in printed Schaubek album incl. some useful middle period sets/values. (100's)


1984-2002 Year Packs complete. High cat. value. (19 Packs)


1905-08 50c and 1f M. SG103-4. Cat. £395. (2)


1930's to early 1950's collection some sets both M and U noted 1950 UPU set of 12 M. Cat. £2 000+. (100's)


1952 UPU 20f and 40f + 10f FU. SG1408-9. Cat. £225. (2)