British stamps have always been highly collectable and commemorative stamps which depict particular eras and points in history are particularly popular. The 1960s is an iconic period in the eyes of many. With rationing becoming a distant memory and the emergence of a new and confident Britain demonstrated by British design, fashion and music, the 1960s is symbolic of a Britain that was beginning to change and find a new identity in the world. In these three examples of commemorative stamps you will see how Britain was starting to make an impact.

The Mini Design Stamp

Sir Alex Issigonis actually designed the Mini in the late 1950’s but it came to prominence in the 1960s as a British design classic. Heavily featured in the film ‘The Italian Job’ the Mini became one of the most popular vehicles of the 1960s and is still the best British selling car of all time.

Mini Design Stamp

The Mini Skirt Design Stamp

Nothing says the 1960s quite like the Mini Skirt does. It all started in a small shop in Chelsea, London, where Mary Quant ran a clothing boutique selling many of her own designs.  The short Mini Skirt was Mary Quant’s design and it became the fashion statement of the 1960s. Taking the world by storm, the Mini Skirt is still resurrected in various forms and is much a design classic today as it was then.

Mini Skirt Design Stamp

The Polypropylene Chair Design Stamp

Designed by British designer, Robin Day in 1963 the polypropylene chair was the first chair to have been injection moulded. This chair is everywhere and millions have been sold throughout the world. At some point you will have sat on one of these chairs and it is a testament to British ingenuity and design.

Chair Design Stamp

These are just 3 great designs that Britain has contributed to the world. What will future British stamps depict about our flair for design and innovation? It will be interesting to see…