Never bought from an auction before?

for 40 years we held public auctions but have recently moved to the world of technology and hold online auctions at Easy Live Auction. It’s easy to use and can be done from anywhere in the world, so has been a big hit with our customers. There is a flat fee of only £3, which we have found to be the cheapest available. In the run up to the auction we are on hand to help with any queries you may have – although please keep in mind that we are not available to answer phone calls/emails on the days of the auction.

In the weeks prior to the auction, it is also possible to view the lots in which you are interested at our offices and leave your bids with us, if you do not wish to bid online.

There is no more enjoyable or cost effective way to enhance your collection. You get the chance to view a wide range of material at your leisure with no obligation to bid or purchase.


Whether bidding by post or online, the principal is the same. Each lot is knocked down for one bid above the second highest bidder, or at the reserve price if no other bids are received.

For example, a lot is estimated at £100 with a reserve of £80. If no bids have been received before the sale, the lot will open at £75 so that the first bid in the Room will be £80 (i.e. the reserve).

If you bid and no one else in the Room bids, it will be knocked down to you at £80. If we have a prior bid of, say, £90, then the lot will open at £80 and if anyone bids in the Room they will have to bid up to £95 to secure the lot.

How realistic are the estimates?

We try to be realistic but on the conservative side in our estimates. You will therefore find that a high percentage of our lots sell, and the majority at above estimate. Overall our lots will typically go for around 20% over estimate, but some fetch less than estimate and some fetch considerably more. Part of the fun of buying at auction is deciding what a lot is worth to you and hoping to get it for less!

What are our Reserves?

The reserves are determined by the vendors and we usually recommend that lots are reserved at around 80% of estimate, but because our estimates are reasonable the vast majority of lots will fetch more than this, and bids at the reserve figures on popular material, will have little chance of success. We do not generally accept a reserve higher than estimate.


Viewing is available at our offices during normal office hours at any time from when the catalogue comes out, up to and including the Thursday before the Auction. Viewing during the week leading up to the auction is usually busy, so we would recommend viewing earlier if you can. Please telephone to make an appointment to view.