If you are already a stamp collector then I’m sure you’d be delighted to find out that you have inherited a stamp collection. However, if you have never practiced such activity, you may be wondering what to do next.

There are basically three options for those who have inherited a stamp collection. These three options are:

  1. Continue with this activity
  2. Sell the stamp collection
  3. Give the collection to someone that needs it

Let’s take a quick look at these options:

Continue with this activity

Many experienced collectors will suggest the same – the inheritor should become a collector! If your bear in mind that the person you have inherited the collection from has spent some time in this activity and this will give you the opportunity to finally find out why! This is a hobby that will encourage you to read, do research and follow the news. Many people use this hobby to relax and forget about their everyday responsibilities for a brief moment. Collectors have a unique way to understand the world around them. Before you dismiss this idea completely maybe spend a day learning more about the stamps you have. It is very likely that you will get hooked like many others have.

Sell the stamp collection

If are not interested in starting a new hobby, you can always sell the stamp collection. However, in order to get a good deal, you must learn more about their true value. Keep in mind that the vast majority of stamps have a small value. This is especially true for stamps that are relatively new (5-10 years old). There are many factors that will affect the value of stamps so the best thing to do is make an inventory of what you have, identify what kind of condition they are in, categorise them based on themes, country of origin, date ranges and then take them to a dealer for a valuation. The chances are that if you have already inherited the stamps from a keen collector, a lot of this work will already have been done for you. A dealer will be able to tell immediately the care and attention that has been bestowed on a collection and it may also help you to negotiate a better price.

Give/donate the collection

Experts suggest that people should not donate stamps to museums. They don’t have the necessary equipment and storage space to keep the stamps safe. On the other hand, there are philatelic museums which may be a good option. However, these museums are few and far between and they usually only accept stamps with significant value and interest. So, the best idea is to give these stamps to someone that really needs them (another collector) or to some local philatelic organisation. I’m sure they will be very pleased to receive them!

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