We may be in the digital age but there are still many people who love to collect stamps and derive a great deal of pleasure from it. Stamp collecting is fairly inexpensive and whilst there are some rare stamps in the world that can command a fortune, most stamp collectors are engaged in the hobby for the joy of collecting and finding out about the history of the stamps they collect and the different genres their stamps belong to.

Stamp collecting covers a wide variety of genres such as history, countries, different topics such as sports or animals and special issues. Some stamp collectors will focus on a particular genre whilst other collectors will be more generalist about what they collect.

For many people, stamp collecting started when they were a child but other collectors have had their interest engaged by inheriting a collection from a relative and then deciding to find out more about the stamps and pursuing the interest.

Starting and displaying your collection

Once you’ve started a collection some basic stamp collecting equipment is required such as stamp albums to keep the collection in order, stamp tongs to handle the stamps safely, a magnifying glass to see the fine details of the stamp, and stamp hinges or hingeless mounts depending on your preference.

When it comes to acquiring stamps to enhance their collections then many people use the internet but a more enjoyable and sociable way of purchasing stamps is through stamp auctions. At Tony Lester Auctions Ltd we hold a number of stamp auctions throughout the year and it’s a great opportunity for like-minded people to get together to buy and sell stamps and discuss their interest.

Stamp collecting is a rewarding hobby and for beginners, an excellent way of starting a collection is to come to one of our auctions to see what’s on offer and what takes your interest. To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.