If you’ve inherited any stamps or you’re simply curious as to what hidden gems might lurk within your own childhood album of treasures, then you might be wondering: what is the process for valuing stamp collections?

Collecting stamps can be extremely educational. The activity feeds existing interests because stamps cover a huge variety of subjects – they’re not just a piece of sticky paper that gets your mail from A to B!

Standing the test of time

As one of the most beloved and popular pastimes in the world, there are many niche interests within the arena of stamp collecting. From railways to superheroes and monarchs to literary icons, stamps across the globe have featured a bewildering array of themes and topics.   

It is a hobby that continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages with a variety of interests. Therefore, there is a huge appetite for supply – particularly when it comes to rarities or stamps that have appeal to a particular audience.

It means that certain philatelists may not only be occupied with the acquisition of stamps but may also be additionally looking for a sought-after design or a specialist subject – and very often, they will be willing to pay a premium for it.

Valuing stamp collections accurately

Although there are freely available sources of information, it can be a challenge to navigate through the complexities of market forces and current demands – not to mention simply knowing who to trust. Then there are factors including condition and whether or not stamps have been used or kept safe in an album.  

That’s why the first stop for many philatelists who want to discover more about their stamp collection is usually The Philatelic Traders’ Society. As an internationally respected trade body, the Society does not offer valuations directly but instead provides a list of trusted, reliable members who are qualified to give accurate valuations.

The organisation also hosts Stampex, a renowned stamp exhibition in London, twice a year. The event allows collectors to share knowledge and insights and also to get a better idea about potential value.

If you are looking for a dealer to provide a valuation, Tony Lester Auctions offers:

  • Top prices paid or the opportunity to sell at one of our auctions
  • Experience and expertise
  • Up-to-date, accurate and unbiased advice

Get involved with stamp collections

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