The Royal Mail has just released a new set of stamps showing key moments from the Battle of Waterloo to mark its 200th anniversary. The famous Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815 and the famous victory orchestrated by the Duke of Wellington over Napoleon is represented in the stamps through the reproduction of six 19th century paintings that depict the battle.

There is also a miniature sheet being launched that commemorates the troops of the nations involved.

In order to create the stamps, the Royal Mail worked closely with historians to select the most appropriate paintings, including the picture of the ‘final attack’ which currently hangs in Apsley House, London and was actually originally bought by the Duke of Wellington.

The Battle of Waterloo is one of the most famous battles in British military history and took place on the 18th June 1815. The battle led to the final defeat of Napoleon after more than 25 years of conflict.

The 6 Stamps depict six key exchanges in the battle in chronological order and using paintings made within a few years of the battle. The miniature sheet commemorates the soldiers who fought in the battle, highlighting the multinational nature of the conflict. All the stamps are set against a battlefield map background.

The Battle of Waterloo is one of the most significant events in European history and led to the birth of modern day Europe. For any collector of British military history stamps, this is another fantastic addition from the Royal Mail that will enhance their collections.

Stamp collections such as this highlight the fantastic heritage we have in Great Britain and the fact that we can depict this heritage through stamps and stamp collecting is worth celebrating.