If you have a stamp collection to sell then it’s important to work with a stamp dealer who has plenty of experience, a good reputation and also a member of the Philatelic Traders Society. By choosing a member of the society you know that they have to abide by a strict code of ethics so it’s very much in their interest that they provide you with a good service because they could be accountable to the society if they don’t.

A good stamp dealer will give you a free evaluation of your stamp collection and will give you an honest assessment of the condition of your collection. They will also be able to give you good advice on where your stamps are likely to sell best, how to accurately catalogue items to attract the best price and whether your stamps should be sold individually or as part of a collection.

Service From a Stamp Dealer

After evaluating your stamps, a good stamp dealer will normally give your two prices. The first price will be a professional assessment of what your stamps could sell for if they go to auction. The second price will be a price that the dealer is prepared to give you if you decide to sell the collection to them direct. In either case, the price will be fair and based on their experience of the stamp market.

A good stamp dealer should be able to give you immediate payment if you decide to sell it to them direct. If you decide to auction the stamps then a dealer will charge a commission which is normally around 10% and you will receive your payment about 5 weeks after the sale date.

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This is the service you should expect from a reputable stamp dealer. If you go to a stamp dealer who is not a member of the Philatelic Traders Society and the advice you receive is different from the above then that should set alarm bells ringing and you should avoid them at all costs.

Tony Lester Auctions Ltd are members of the Philatelic Traders Society and have many years experience in buying and selling stamp collections. For a free valuation of your collection and an honest and fair assessment of the price it could yield then please contact us now.