Tony Lester Auctions Ltd is a distinguished stamp dealer who offers a complete philatelic service in stamp auctions, stamp valuations and stamp dealing in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. We specialise in professional stamp valuations which are provided by our founder Tony Lester, without charge. We offer a flexible and honest service to help you decide your chosen path of selling, keeping or auction.

Our intention has always been to provide philatelic services at an exceptional level that invokes trust and reliability. Our professional service is why so many people are recommended to us in the philatelic community and why so many of our customers return to us year-on-year to value their trusted stamp collections.

Tony Lester Auctions Ltd has provided philatelic services to the public for over thirty years throughout the UK and Peterborough. As members of the Philatelic Traders Society, we are held to the highest standards.

If you are interested in selling, valuing or auctioning your stamp collection, please contact us.

Stamp Valuations in Peterborough

It can be hard to negotiate the path of selling, valuing and auctioning a stamp collection, and knowing which one is best. If you are considering selling your stamp collection, it’s worth getting it valued from a respected stamp valuer. At Tony Lester Auctions Ltd, we are happy to provide you with two options; purchase or auction estimate.

After having your stamp collection valued, you can choose to sell via purchase, where you’ll be provided with a purchase price for your complete purchase of your stamp collection. This is always offered with minimal fuss and no subsequent or hidden charges to you.

As an alternative, you may prefer to sell via public auction. We can provide you with an estimated value and walk you through the process of public auction and all associated costs.

Tony Lester himself carries out all stamp valuations himself, and always in person. If applicable, he will visit you in your home to assess your stamp collection. Stamp valuations are carried out with the highest degree of respect and you are guaranteed impartial advice on your stamp collection, its rarity and worth.

Stamp Auctions in Peterborough

Whether your stamp collection is small or large, rare or unusual, you are guaranteed to be provided with the highest level of expertise in philatelic knowledge.

Our six public stamp auctions are open to the public, and you are welcome to witness or bid in the sale of stamp collections from as little as £10 up to several thousand pounds.

Our varied database of personal and professional collectors always means that our stamp collections are popular and attended by a diverse range of philatelic enthusiasts. Auctions commonly pop up with rare and prominent stamps from worldwide collections from every corner of the globe.

We respect that your stamp collection is worth more than money, as they reflect a lifetime of dedication and effort. We have experience dealing with stamp collections that cover all periods and geographical areas of the globe, meaning that we can advise you on the worth of your stamp collection and what path we recommend before selling, keeping or auctioning.

If you are searching for a stamp auction in Peterborough, please contact us.

Buying stamps in Peterborough

If you’re based in Peterborough or Cambridgeshire and interested in attending a stamp auction, we welcome you to join us at one of our stamp auctions held throughout the year. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to view the auction and view the diverse range of stamps on offer. After registering, you can choose to bid on stamp collections to add to your own, or you can choose to sell your stamp collection instead. Our stamp auctions always include a number of rare and sough-after stamps that are destined to pique your philatelic interest.

Customers appreciate our friendly and honest approach to stamp valuations, with our testimonials attesting to the highest standard of ethics.

If you’re searching for a trusted stamp dealer in Peterborough, Tony Lester Auctions Ltd is able to advise you on stamp valuations and stamp auctions in person; please call us on 01926270107 to book your appointment with our specialised and friendly advisors.

Stamps of Peterborough

[John Clare’s The Progress of Rhyme]

To mark the 250th anniversary of the William Wandsworth’s birth, the Royal Mail released a series of stamps to remember him in April 2020, along with other Romantic poets you might have come across in school.

Lovers of literature will delight in this intricately-designed Presentation Pack, featuring all 10 of The Romantic Poets Special Stamps, alongside fascinating information on the Romantic movement.

Born in Peterborough, John was the son of a farm worker who became known for his celebrations of the English countryside and sadness at how it was changing during the mid-nineteenth century.

Sir Frederick Henry Royce, 1st Baronet, OBE was an English engineer famous for his designs of car and aeroplane engines with a reputation for reliability and longevity. With Charles Rolls (1877 – 1910) and Claude Johnson (1864 – 1926), he founded Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce initially focused on large 40-50 horsepower motor cars, the Silver Ghost and its successors. Royce produced his first aero engine shortly after the outbreak of the First World War and aircraft engines became Rolls-Royce’s principal product.