Tony Lester Auctions Ltd is a prominent stamp dealer in the Lincoln and Lincolnshire offering a comprehensive philatelic service to those interested in stamp dealing, stamp auctions and stamp valuations. Our specialist services are provided by our founder Tony Lester who is available by appointment to offer stamp valuations free of charge. We value our honest and transparent service to enable you to decide the path of selling, auctioning or retaining your stamp collection.

We aspire to provide high quality philatelic services that assure our customers so that they can put their trust in us. Our professional stamp valuation service is held to exceptional standards and many of our new customers come recommended to us through their network. Many of our existing customers return to us year-on-year to sell, value, auction or expand their stamp collections.

Tony Lester Auctions Ltd has provided philatelic services in excess of thirty years and covers the Lincoln and Lincolnshire area upon request. As members of the Philatelic Traders Society, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards that we are held to.

If you are interested in selling, valuing or auctioning your stamp collection, please contact us.

Stamp Valuations in Lincoln

Stamp collections can hold both a monetary and sentimental value and as such it can be hard to find a professional stamp valuation service that you trust. If you are considering selling your stamp collection, finding a reputable stamp dealer should be a primary focus. At Tony Lester Auctions Ltd, our business is built on the trust and support of our loyal customer base.

When you’ve had your stamp collection valued, you always have the option to sell if you choose. With Tony Lester Auctions Ltd, you have two choices; sell via purchase, or sell via public auction.

Sell via purchase enables you to walk away with a complete purchase price for your stamp collection. This offers the simplest solution and is provided with minimal fuss and no further charges to you.

If you choose to sell via public auction, we can provide you with an estimated value and walk you through the process and all associated costs that come with selling via this method.

Rest assured that Tony Lester himself carries out all stamp valuations in Lincoln and Lincolnshire in person. If appropriate, Tony will visit your home to assess your stamp collection and walk you through your options. Stamp collections are always carried out with the highest degree of respect for your stamp collection, and you are guaranteed transparent and trustworthy advice.

Stamp Auctions in Lincoln

Regardless of the size, rarity or age of your stamp collection, you are guaranteed to be provided with an exceptional level of impartial advice and expertise in philatelic services.

We hold six public stamp auctions every year which are open to everyone interested in stamp collecting. You are welcome to witness or bid in the auctions, which start from as little as £10 up to several thousand pounds. During our stamp auctions, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a diverse range of stamps that cover all corners of the globe with rare and prominent stamps appearing frequently.

Stamp collections are often worth more than their monetary value, as they reflect a lifetime of passion to philately. Our extensive experience dealing with stamps enables us to advise you of the worth of your stamp collection and assist you in your chosen path.

If you are searching for a stamp auction in Lincoln, please contact us.

Buying stamps in Lincoln

If you’re looking for a stamp dealer in Lincoln or Lincolnshire and are considering attending a stamp auction, we encourage you to join us at one of our six stamp auctions that are held each year as part of the Tony Lester Auctions Ltd event diary. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the sale of a diverse range of stamp and stamp memorabilia. If you are interested in bidding during our stamp auctions, you can register as a buyer or seller.

Our comprehensive customer base has been built on thirty years of trustworthy service to the philatelic community, and our customer testimonials attest to the highest standard of ethics that we hold ourselves to.

If you’re searching for a trusted stamp dealer in Lincoln, Tony Lester Auctions Ltd is able to advise you on stamp valuations and stamp auctions in person; please call us on 01926270107 to book your appointment with our friendly advisors.