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Tony Lester Auctions Ltd provides a wide-ranging selection of stamp dealing services throughout Gloucester, provided by our professional stamp valuer.  Our stamp valuation service is available in Gloucester where we are able to value and provide you with options to sell your stamp collection through our own auctions if you choose.

As well as stamp valuations, Tony Lester Auctions Ltd also purchase stamp collections and pay top prices. If you are considering selling your stamp collection, please contact us to arrange a stamp valuation with our stamp valuer.

Stamp Valuations in Gloucester

If you are considering parting with your stamp collection, then we are happy to offer you two options to sell; purchase or auction estimate. The purchase price will be for the purchase of your complete stamp collection should you wish to sell it, and this is provided with minimal fuss. Alternatively, our auction estimate price is available if you choose to sell your stamp collection through auction. Our experienced stamp valuer will be able to advise you on whether auction or stamp purchase should afford you the best price.

Tony Lester himself carries out all stamp valuations in-person, regardless of size or value. We undertake valuations with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity to each of our customers so that they are guaranteed trustworthy and dependable advice on the value of your stamp collection.

Stamp Auctions in Gloucester

If you are considering purchasing stamps to add to your collection, why not come along to one of our six stamp auctions that we host throughout the year?  Consisting of between 800 to 1000 stamp auction, lot values can vary from as little as £10 to several thousands of pounds. We cater to a broad database of collectors and have many rare and unusual stamps from many worldwide collections, as well as several from Great Britain.

Whether your collection is considered modest, or reveals a lifetime dedication to stamp collecting, you can always rely on our comprehensive expertise in the stamp trade.

Our long-standing experience in stamp dealing and related items covers every geographical location of the globe as well as many historical periods which ensures that we are well equipped to provide advice on the value of your stamp collection as well as the value you can expect from purchase or auction.

If you are looking for stamp auctions in Gloucester from an expert stamp dealer, please contact us. 

Philatetic Aspects of Gloucester

The annual tradition of Cheese Rolling at Cooper’s Hill held on Spring Bank Holiday Monday featured on stamp collection titled Curious Customers, announced in July 2019.

In a proud moment for the team of dedicated volunteers who keep the centuries old tradition alive, Royal Mail has announced that the famous “sport” has gotten its own stamp in a collection released last year.

The colourful illustrations depict and capture the spirit of well known, and some not so well known, annual customs taking place around the UK.

Included is Brockworth’s own annual cheese rolling competition, where contestants run down Cooper’s Hill after a big round wheel of Double Gloucester and the first person to catch it or get to the bottom of the hill first gets to keep it.

The British Cathedrals stamp collection by Royal Mail was released in 2008 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of completion of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The set of six stamps show the interior of six of the UK’s most beautiful cathedrals using specially commissioned new photography. Including Lichfield (1st class), Belfast (St Anne’s), Gloucester, St David’s (Wales), Westminster, St Magnus (Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland)

The accompanying miniature sheet contained a se-tenant block of 4 showing the interior of St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

The foundations of the Gloucester Cathedral were laid by the 11th century Abbott Serio, but most is much later Gothic. One 14th century stained glass window has the earliest known image of golf – proving to the satisfaction of the proud citizens that the game is not a Scottish invention.

Stroud-based artist, Andrew Davidson, designed the six stamps celebrating the humble postbox. The stamps come in six different designs – 1st Class, 2nd Class, Large letter and overseas values.

Each of the stamps depicts a different postbox – from the early hexagonal Penfold design of the 19th century to contemporary postboxes and lamp boxes – all still in use today.

Each stamp features a cypher from the six monarchs of the last 100 years.

Andrew said: “Knowing my illustrations on the 2018 Christmas stamps will be winging their way around the world delivering Season’s Greetings to friends and family, gives me a real sense of festive joy.”

Since 1982, Andrew has worked on over 12 stamp issues for Royal Mail. 

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