Tony Lester Auctions Ltd have been in the stamp collecting, stamp valuation and stamp auction trade in Exeter for over thirty years. If you’re looking for a credible stamp valuation, you can be rest assured of our expert knowledgeable and trustworthy advice.

Tony Lester Auctions Ltd provides a complete stamp dealing service in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall. Our decades of expertise ensures we can provide you with a professional stamp collection value service that’s been assiduously researched. If you are looking to sell your stamp collection then we will be happy to assist you through our own auctions.

If you are based in Exeter, Devon or Cornwall and would like to sell your stamp collection, consider allowing us to value it for you and pay premium prices.


Stamp Valuations in Exeter

If you are looking to sell your stamp collection then we would be happy to provide you with two options going forward. If you would prefer a fixed price for your complete stamp collection, then we would be happy to offer you a purchase price. If you would prefer to go down the route of selling your stamp collection through public auction, we will give you an estimated value. We can advise you on whether a stamp auction or stamp purchase is the best financial option for you.

As the owner of Tony Lester Auctions Ltd, Tony Lester completes all stamp valuations personally, regardless of size or value. Tony has been known to value stamp collections in excess of £100,000 or as little as £20. Our professional and attentive service to our customers means that you are guaranteed a sincere and trustworthy review of your stamp collection value.

Stamp Auctions in Exeter

With a wealth of industry contacts and a comprehensive understanding of the stamp market, our stamp experts have happily provided advice to our customers on many rare and sought-after stamps worth as little as £10 to several thousand pounds. Our knowledge extends to stamps from all areas of the world as well as from man historical periods.

We host six public stamp auctions throughout the year, each consisting of around 800 to 1000 lots, selling for up to several thousands of pounds. You can be assured of witnessing a wealth of philatelic material when you visiting our bi-monthly public stamp auctions.

We are often asked how much are my stamps worth and we are always happy to provide the answer. Our stamp valuations are accurate and this service is provided free of charge, with no duty to sell.

With specialist philatelic knowledge, we pay the best prices for your stamp collection whether you choose to sell it through our stamp auction or through private treaty. The choice is always yours to make under no obligation.

We don’t just handle stamps from Great Britain; we also have experience of handling stamps, covers and related items from all around the world, covering different historical periods. So if you’re thinking of selling a stamp collection or you’re looking for a credible stamp valuation, you can be confident our experts are both knowledgeable and friendly.

If you are based in the Exeter, Devon or Cornwall areas and you’re looking to deal with a trustworthy and specialised stamp dealer then do no hesitate to contact us. We aim to respond quickly to your enquiry and can usually book an appointment within a few days.

Buying stamps in Exeter

If you are based in Exeter, Devon or Cornwall are interested in purchasing stamps, whether to start your own or enhance your existing stamp collection, then we welcome you to join us at our next stamp auction. We hold six public auctions every year and during these you are given the opportunity to browse a range of rare and unusual stamps before bidding.

Tony Lester Auctions Ltd has built an exceptional reputation with over three decades of experience in the stamp collecting, stamp valuing and stamp auction industry. We pride ourselves in our personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy approach to our customers, with our testimonials reflecting proof of our high standards within the industry.

If you are looking for a stamp dealer in Exeter who can provide honest advice on your stamp valuation then please call us on 01926 270107 to speak with our team who will be happy to help.