While stamp collectors are always hopeful of striking gold by unearthing the next treasure, there are those philatelists who are looking for something beyond the jackpot. Instead they look for stamps that also coincide with their other interests and hobbies.

Such is the case with the Royal Mail’s latest release – which is sure to please many dedicated sci-fi fans and enthusiastic followers of the Star Wars franchise alike. 

Stellar stamps 

The set of sixteen stamps have been designed to mark the release of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, in UK cinemas on December 19. Really, it was an opportunity not to be missed!

It is the third and final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy (one of nine films in total) and follows previous releases, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. 

The stamps, which have been created by digital artist Malcolm Tween, include ten characters old and new, as well as six vehicles from the iconic blockbusters – there’s something for everyone.

Stamps depicting heroes and villains 

One of the most famous villains in big screen history is featured in the set. Grand Moff Tarkin, the commander of the first Death Star, was memorably played by Peter Cushing in the very first Star Wars film back in 1977. Although Cushing died in 1994, producers used ground-breaking digital technology to bring his screen presence back to life in later instalments of the story. 

Meanwhile, new character Jannah (played by Naomi Ackie) makes an appearance on both the stamps and in Rise of Skywalker.

Other characters in the set include Count Dooku, Lando Calrissian, Sith Trooper, Darth Maul, Wicket Warrick, Poe Dameron, and Queen Amidala.

Stamps of space vehicles

Some of the most famous vehicles in the Star Wars films also take pride of place. Fans will love the X-wing fighter and Podracer, alongside depictions of a Jedi starfighter, Slave I, TIE silencer and speeder bikes. 

All in all, the set makes the perfect addition to any Christmas card (or Christmas present for avid fans) during this festive period. 

It isn’t the first time Royal Mail has paid homage to the alternate universe, either. There was a series of special Star Wars stamps released in 2015, and then again in 2017 (with an added bonus). Some of the stamps even included secret detailing which were revealed under UV light – a novel delight to collectors everywhere. Whilst sci-fi as a genre remains popular there will always be a demand for new creations and an opportunity for philatelists to grow their collection.

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