What do you have for sale?

If the collection has been passed down and you don’t know about stamps, don’t worry. We suggest that you telephone 01926 634809 for our free and friendly advice.

It would be handy to have a rough idea of the size (how many albums etc) and whether the collection is lots of different countries or just one country (e.g. Great Britain) and whether the stamps are mostly postmarked or unused. Ultimately the value is likely to depend upon how much money has been spent on it, and age is not necessarily a factor – schoolboy collections from 100 years ago are still usually only worth a few pounds.

If the collection is one that you have formed yourself just give us a ring and we can discuss the best way to proceed.

Selling a Stamp collection?

When valuing a collection we will usually provide two figures, one being an auction estimate figure for sale through one of our auctions, the other being an offer to purchase. We will be pleased to advise as to the most suitable method for your collection, and to assist whichever way you choose.

  • PURCHASE. From modest collections of just a few £100’s up to collections in excess of £100,000 we can and do deal with all – and provide immediate payment.
  • AUCTION. We currently hold 5 online auctions a year. Our commission is 15% plus VAT, and payment is made five weeks after the date of sale.

Our guarantee

  • Your collection will be valued by myself, Tony Lester, whether it is worth £20 or £100,000, and you will receive the same courteous service regardless of value.
  • At any time before or after the valuation you can ring and speak to me directly with any queries.

What to do next

I suggest that you give me a call on 01926 634809 to talk about the collection and the best way to arrange a valuation, for which there is no charge. Alternatively please complete the stamp valuations form “here”.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tony Lester