Did you know that some of the most valuable postage stamps in the world have been issued in Britain? So, if you think your collection is worth some money, we’ve put together a guide explaining which designs attract the most interest from philatelists and how to obtain a good stamp valuation from a reputable dealer.

Rarities and obscure treasures

Featuring the distinctive silhouette of Edward VII, the 2d Tyrian plum stamp was issued in 1910. However, following the death of the king on May 6, most of the 24m stamps were destroyed. Only a handful now remain in the hands of private collectors and they will most likely stay guarded under lock and key!

Misprinted stamps are also highly sought after by stamp enthusiasts.

Why? Because when some stamps were originally printed, certain details were missing such as the stamp’s price. This is certainly the case with the 1976 Roses 13p stamp although given the fact that there are only three left (and the Queen owns two of them), it’s unlikely that another will resurface.

Early stamps

Of course, the most famous stamp of them all is the Penny Black.

The world’s first adhesive postage stamp was issued in 1840 and represented the beginning of a postal revolution. Now, instead of payment on delivery, the introduction of a pre-paid stamp made the sending of correspondence simple and affordable.

With its unmistakable profile of the ruling monarch Queen Victoria, the Penny Black is highly desirable if not particularly rare.

Specialist interests

When England won the World Cup in 1966, Postmaster General Edward Short ordered a run of commemorative stamps to celebrate the victory.

These proved immensely popular at the time, with the demand so great that stocks ran out in certain places.

However, in the rush to get the stamps into circulation, there were misprints and colour variations which can command a higher valuation in today’s market – so it’s always worth taking a closer look at your stamp album to check for anomalies.   

Stamp valuations by the experts

If in doubt and you have a question, it is a good idea to use an experienced dealer who can give an honest appraisal about its valuable, past and future.

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