Where Can I Sell My Stamp Collection?

Whether you’re a former stamp collector who is now looking to sell their collection or you have inherited a collection from a relative, it can sometimes be a bit confusing deciding what to do for the best. Should you take them to a dealer and will they give you a fair price or should you try your luck on ebay and hope for the best? […]

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1840 2d blue

The 1840 2d blue was the world’s second official postage stamp, issued two days after the 1d black. It was first sold to the public on 8th May even though it was originally intended that this stamp would be issued simultaneously with the 1d black. The 1840 issue was printed from two plates, Plate 1 and 2, of which we have some nice examples in our February auction like this Plate 1 unused stamp (lot number 453): […]

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A History of the 1840 1d Black

The world’s first adhesive postage stamp was issued in Britain on May 6th 1840, which is the now world-famous penny black. First Day Covers with the stamps are incredibly rare but we are fortunate to be auctioning one in our February 23rd auction, a picture of which is below.   […]

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September 29th Auction

As autumn has now definitely arrived on our shores, we shall be holding our penultimate auction of the year! As usual there is a wide range of stamps and collections for our clients to admire and choose from. The G.B. section is particularly nice with a variety of 1d blacks, 2d blues, and 1d reds with scarcer postmarks and coloured cancels both as singles and on cover. Other noteworthy items are a number of hilarious Mulready caricatures (like the one below – lot 418 ‘Ladies School’) and Q.E. pre-decimal varieties.     […]

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Our £1,000,000 collection

After a very successful last auction, we are already now looking forwards to our next sale which will be held on July 14th. This sale is very important for us as it marks the beginning of a series of ten auctions in which we shall be selling a ‘£1,000,000 collection’ from one of our clients. […]

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